Brief summary in English

MS RUUB is a traditional Dutch Barge, type "Beurtmotor".
Dimensions L 19,60 meter, W 3,25 meter, and 0,95 meter draft.
The bridge clearance is 2,95 meter (1,95 when wheelhouse dismantled).
The ship was built in 1922 at shipyard De Korte in Moerdijk.
The original engine was a Kromhout 1 cylinder, delivering 20 BHP
This engine was replaced somewhere between 1970-1980 by a used
truck engine : M.A.N. D 0836 M2 capable of delivering over 100 HP
Only recently a new bronze propellor is installed, that can actually
handle this power, and now the ship has a reasonable max speed.

The ship was probably in use for cargo (and guests) transport until 1946.
It is yet unknown what the cargo was, but peat might be a good guess.
As of 1946 until 1959 it seems that the ship was a mobile shop, supplying other ships.
Since 1959 the ship is used as a holiday ship for about 50 years !
I bought the ship in the year 2010 and started to convert it into a house boat.
In about one year time the job was finished up to the point of possible use.
Many small items had to be tackeled, and now it is a pleasant live-aboard ship.
Central heating (on diesel fuel) is installed and, together with
the wood burner, the ship will be warm, even in freezing
cold weather outside, like it was in Febr 2012 .
The heating system also supplies warm water, while the water system
itself has multiple filters installed (incl. carbon and UV).

The ship is fully equipped with everything needed to navigate comfortably, and
is actually on the way for a trip throughout France. Not sure when that will start...
Large fuel tanks allow for longer trips, without refuelling too often,
while at a stationary site shore facilities (electricity) can be attached.
The Victron automatic power inverter / battery charger is the electrical
backbone of the ship, delivering a regular 220-240 V (adjustable)
at 2500 Watt continuous power from the 24 V - 640 Ah traction battery.

No more 6 beds with poor comfort any longer, but a nice twin bed in a
low ceiling bedroom is installed, with some stow away places for linen etc.
2 drawer desks are just nearby in a separated part of the living room (salon)
where next to is the salon itself, which in turn joins with the open kitchen.
Then, there's the entrance ( the hall, but it's pretty small ! ) and next to that,
there is the bathroom, with toilet, shower, and cabinets, small but comfortable.
Outside on the rear is the wheelhouse, and below that is the engine room.
Around the wheelhouse is the aft deck, just spacious enough, carrying a wooden seat.
On the front is the original cabin, now in use as technical and electrical housing.

Please contact me if you have any questions or information about the ship,
or would like to get in touch with me for any other reason; do not hesitate !
Email: ; or SMS-only +31 613 595 290